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How to Find your Happy Shape
We get it. Finding healthy, plant-based meals to support weight-loss and optimal health can feel overwhelming.

No worries! We've got you covered.

With these plant-powered recipes, you'll be feeling light and lean!

We've even included our Happy Shape Pillars and habits to help you transform your body and relationship with food.

We've compiled our most popular Happy Shape recipes into one easy to follow recipe ebook - all of which take thirty minutes or less, taste great, and are amazing for your health!

David & Stephen
What's Inside Ten Shape-Friendly Recipes to Help You Look and Feel Your Best?
Our all-time favourite plant-based recipes to support weight loss
Our community loves our recipes because they're easy, great for weight loss, and absolutely delicious! We're sure you'll love the Quinoa and Flax Pancakes!
Tips and Tricks to Feel Stronger and Lighter
Not only is a whole-food, plant-based diet delicious, but it will help you look and feel your best! David & Stephen Flynn, best-selling authors and vegan chefs, share all the tips, tricks, and habits to find your ideal, Happy Shape!
What does our community think about our recipes?
"I've slept better, felt better, and had more energy. I didn't waste any food! I have prepared enough for myself and then frozen the leftovers to have enough for the next day!"
"...weight just started to fall off! I wasn't even conscious of it. My clothes just started to fit better. I started to feel more energetic. I felt younger even!"
"My confidence and happiness grew!"
Jumpstart your weightloss journey with easy, tasty recipes that will satisfy all cravings!
All recipes in this book:

  • Take thirty minutes or less
  • Are whole-food, plant-based with minimal to no oil
  • Leave you feeling like a lean, plant-eating machine

Here are some recipes you'll find in your ebook:
Created for you by professional chefs, David & Steve Flyn, founders of The Happy Pear
David and Stephen Flynn
Founders of The Happy Pear, Dave & Steve are plant-based chefs & bestselling authors with over 18 years of experience and over 40 million views on their recipes on YouTube. They deliver wholefood, plant-based nutrition to local communities through their restaurants, shops & a popular range of vegan products on sale across Ireland.
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