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If you feel inspired to truly transform your skin let's go full monty with
The Happy Skin 4-week Journey program
What You'll Learn during The Happy Skin Journey
You'll understand your skin's anatomy inside out & how various lifestyle choices affect it.
You'll geek out over skincare routine & cosmetic ingredients (did you know you should avoid wipes?!)
You'll learn about 5 main skin types from normal, oily or dry, to various sensitive & problematic types (like acne, rosacea etc.), as well as...
How it changes through our lifetime (from teenage years to beyond 50s)
You'll get the plant-powered recipes, meal plans, routine trackers & more tools to help you stick to your new, healthy habits… and more goodies!
Last, but not least: we're going to kick it off together for the first 4 weeks, so you can ride the wave of collective enthusiasm, inspiration and support… You're not alone!

After that the contents of the program are yours to refresh & revisit for another 11 months.
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What our students say ❤️
Before I did The Happy Skin Course, I had struggled with my breakouts on my skin for two years. I had visited the GP, had tried multiple antibiotics and nothing was working to clear it. After having no luck with any other skin treatments I thought I had nothing to lose so I signed up.

The dramatic difference to my skin after 4 weeks was something I didn't expect. My skin is clearer and much brighter now ✨ This course has made a significant impact on my overall diet and I continue to eat mostly a whole food, plant-based diet.
I had always thought of my skin in terms of what I put on it and had never approached it from a diet and lifestyle perspective before.

The Happy Skin plan helped me to see that my skin is an organ and that what I eat will affect how it looks.

I really found there was a difference in the appearance of my skin after a few weeks of following the plan and drinking more water.
Learning to be more organised with my meals made such a difference to my diet and lifestyle and got me out of bad habits with food.

I loved ❤️ how the course focused on all areas of health and I made an effort to move more and go for an extra walk when I could do. I definitely noticed that my skin looked healthier having done the course and I have since kept up my plant-based meals.
For me, one of the biggest lessons I learned is that I have been treating my skin incorrectly. Who knew I have oily, dehydrated skin? The skin diary, 'skin saver' homework, weekly quizzes and live Q&As were all great tools in helping me discover this.

I'm drinking more water, prioritising my sleep and I'm mindful of what I am putting in to my body as well as what I am putting on to my skin. Two months on and I'm still reaping the benefits thanks to Dave and Steve!
Before / after
4 weeks