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The lifestyle
Dos & Donts
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"The Happy Skin Handbook"?
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A printable Routine Tracker
to treat your skin from the inside out
12 wholefood,
plant-based recipes
to help you identify your skin type, so you know your starting point
A simple test
It's an inside job
Your skin is like a fruit of a tree — a fruit's condition depends on so many variables such as the soil, the nutrients or the light levels the tree receives. Likewise your skin is a reflection of the health of your body, your mind and your daily routines.

For sure genetics has a role to play but genuinely your lifestyle is the real decider — and we'll show you how to tweak it to start enjoying healthy, radiant & smooth skin.
"The Happy Skin Handbook"
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Award-winning skincare expert and
founder of The Skin Nerd,
Jennifer Rock
Best-selling cookbook authors and
founders of The Happy Pear,
David and Stephen Flynn
Registered GP with a specialist
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Dr Gemma Newman
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