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Getting in shape doesn't require calorie counting, skipping meals or any special teas or pills. But it does require making DAILY choices.
The truth is: first, you shape your habits. Then your habits shape you.

And if you could do with some support here, rebooting mindset AND body, check out our 12 week Happy Shape Club. It already has changed the lives of +20k people.

What's included in the Happy Shape?
Each week you will receive recipes, meal plans, educational content, live Q&As & practical videos.
An in-depth 12-week video course
to help you transform the relationship with food and your body — and finally feel confident in your body.
Weekly plant-based meal plan
with products you will need on for each week.
Yoga and workout classes
— short & sweet — to match even the busiest schedule.
50+ Exclusive Shape-Friendly Recipes
including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
Weekly Supportive Q&As
with Instructors to educate you on psychological aspects of weight loss, nutrition & happy lifestyle.
Online Community
of like-minded people going the same path to support, motivate and inspire you.
12 weeks reshaping mind & body
What will I learn?
To get you started
Welcome Pack
  • The Happy Shape Pillars
  • The Happy Shape Habits
  • The Happy Shape Food Diary & Wellness Tracker
  • Your Happy Shape Community

Getting started

  • Whole Food Plant-Based versus Vegan
  • Store cupboard essentials
  • Buying produce and reading labels
  • Eating out and travelling
  • The basics of oil-free cooking
  • Optional Time Restricted Eatin
  • Aiming for your 10,000 steps a day with Zanna
  • Your weekly lifestyle challenge with Dave and Steve
  • Alcohol and coffe

Recipes & Meal Plans

  • Downloadable Recipe Booklet
  • Meal plans for cooking once a week
  • Meal plans for cooking 3 times a week
  • Meal plans for cooking every day
    Week 1
    • Causes of Weight Gain
    • Weekly Workout: Total Body Blitz
    • Nutritional Know-How: Plant Based Protein
    • Happy Life: Motivation
    • Yoga with Cliodhna: The breath
      Week 2
      • Doctor's Corner: The Pleasure Trap
      • Weekly Workout: Amazing Arms
      • Nutritional Know-How: Iron
      • Happy Life: The Blue Zones
      • Yoga with Cliodhna: Sun Salutations
        Week 3
        Our expertise in this area includes:
        • Processed Foods
        • Weekly Workout: Bum Blaster
        • Nutritional Know-How: Calcium
        • Happy Life: Community
        • Yoga with Cliodhna: Sun Salutations
        Week 4
        • Weight Set Point
        • Weekly Workout: HIIT
        • Nutritional Know-How: Omega 3s
        • Happy Life: Sleep
        • Yoga with Cliodhna: Standing Sequence
        Week 5
        • Weight Loss Obstacles
        • Fab Abs Workout
        • Nutritional Know-How: B12
        • Happy Life: Stress
        • Yoga with Cliodhna: Forward Folding
        Week 6
        • Food Planning
        • Legs Workout
        • Nutritional Know-How: Fibre
        • Happy Life: Are We Chasing The Wrong Kind of Happiness?
        • Yoga with Cliodhna: Seated Sequence
        Week 7
        • The Foods That Keep Us Full
        • Total Body Blitz Workout
        • Nutritional Know-How: Antioxidants
        • Happy Life: Falling off the Wagon
        • Yoga with Cliodhna: Twists
        Week 8
        • Doctor's Corner: Energy Density
        • HIIT Workout
        • Nutritional Know-How: Fat
        • Happy Life: The Importance of Nature
        • Yoga with Cliodhna: Backbends
        Week 9
        • Doctor's Corner: Cycle of Change
        • Weekly Workout: Bum Blaster
        • Nutritional Know-How: Training on a Plant-Based Diet
        • Happy Life: Movement
        • Yoga with Cliodhna: Shoulder stand
        Week 10
        • Week 10 Recipes & Meal Plans
        • Doctor's Corner: Goal Setting for Weight Loss
        • Weekly Workout: HIIT
        • Nutritional Know-How: Heart Health
        • Happy Life: Morning Routines
        • Yoga with Cliodhna: Headstand preparation
        Week 11
        • Week 11 Recipes & Meal Plans
        • Doctor's Corner: Don't Drink your Calories
        • Weekly Workout: Total Body Blitz
        • Nutritional Know-How: Gut Health
        • Happy Life: Explaining your Diet to Family & Friends
        • Yoga with Cliodhna: Yoga Nidra
        Week 12
        • Week 12 Recipes & Meal Plans
        • Doctor's Corner: Diet or Exercise?
        • Weekly Workout: HIIT
        • Nutritional Know-How: Hydration
        • Happy Life: The Law of Diminishing Returns
        • Yoga with Cliodhna: Pranayama
        • Yoga with Cliodhna: Meditation
        See what our students have to say
        Within a few days of starting the plan I felt lighter and much less bloated. I was absolutely delighted and everyone my house was enjoying the food. I lost weight and I have more energy and feel much more positive about achieving my goal!
        I've lost weight, my energy levels have increased, I feel great and my thinking is much clearer. My kids are seeing me be a healthier dad too - I have just signed up for a triathlon, so they think I am a superhero! I really recommend this course!
        I've slept better, felt better, had more energy. I didn't waste any food!
        I have prepared enough for myself and then frozen the leftovers to have enough for next day!
        Highly recommend, absolutely great investment for your health.
        Meet Your Instructors
        Zanna Van Dijk
        Personal trainer
        Zanna is passionate about empowering women.

        She is on a mission to educate as many people as possible on how to look after their bodies in a balanced, enjoyable and sustainable way.
        David & Stephen Flynn
        Founders of The Happy Pear
        Dave & Steve are plant-based chefs with over 40 million views on their recipes on YouTube.

        They are bestselling authors with restaurants, shops and a wide range of vegan products on sale across Ireland.
        Rosie Martin
        Registered Dietitian
        Rosie has a special interest in disease prevention and plant-based nutrition.

        She currently works for the NHS, where she supports a wide range of patients, with her daily work ranging from coeliac disease to cancer.
        Dr. Sue Kenneally
        registered GP
        General Practitioner, nutritionist and co-founder of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

        She sits on the board of Plant Based Health Professionals UK and is SCOPE certified in obesity management, working with the University of South Wales in the study of weight management.
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