Join the 4-week Happy Mind Challenge with Dave, Steve & Gerry — and discover the simple, practical process to being more at ease with yourself & the world around you
Learn what it takes to be happier inside and out, to be more comfortable and content in yourself - through methods of mindfulness, nutrition and movement
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Feed Your Head
You know what they say: 'take care of your body, it's the only place where you have to live'.

We love this quote and would add — take care of your mind, too.

We believe that our minds have so much power, they hold the key to achieving our goals. But to access this power we need to tap into what makes our minds tick and, in a sense, become its master. This is where a plant-powered, health-driven lifestyle comes to play...

Over the 4 weeks you will:
Learn to show up for yourself — with compassion & self-respect.
Become more at ease with the world, even when things get crazy
Explore the tools of coaching, yoga, breathwork, meditation & nature therapy
Learn how to combine these tools to feel more authentic, joyful & alive
With The Happy Mind Challenge you will get:
Build a transformative mindfulness routine that fits your schedule with the pre-recorded sessions with Gerry.
Nutrition & meal plans
Choose from 200 plant-based, ridiculously yummy recipes to transform your mind & body, your gut microbiome's gonna flip!
Enjoy the pre-recorded yoga & breathwork classes with Hannah to find comfort in your mind & body.
Coaching & Support
Always feel supported by our fantastic online community — and by the weekly live Q&As with our coaches.
Nature Therapy
Indulge in the soothing benefits of the Nature Therapy with Dr Gemma Newman — like forest bathing & more
Online Community
Become part of a moderated community where you can share your struggles, your successes and get support from people in the same boat as you.
200 various vegan recipes & meal plan you'll love ❤️
Created for You by Professional Chefs
So what's the plan?
  • Welcome to the Happy Mind challenge
  • Happy Mind pillars
  • Meet your team
  • Live Q&A's
  • Store cupboard ingredients
  • Logging your starting point
        WEEK 1
        "Aligning attention and intention"
        • Happy Mind with Gerry
        • 900 months
        • 98 year old self
        • 8 year old self
        • guided meditation for 8 year old self
        • Identifying limiting habits
        • Happy Mind Workbook
        • D&S Lifestyle
        • Your Gut and your mind
        • Sleep
        • Food
        • Movement
        • Our Mediation Journey
        • Loose connections
        • Thoughts on Sucess
        • Nature - Gemma
        • Importance of nature
        • Yoga & Breathwork - Hannah
          WEEK 2
          • Happy Mind with Gerry Hussey
          • Presence
          • Breaking up with Past
          • Becoming the Observer
          • Visualisation
          • Guided Medidation - Week 2
          • Happy Mind Workbook
          • D&S Lifestyle
          • Sleep
          • Morning routines
          • Progress over perfection
          • Embracing discomfort
          • Reconnecting and building community
          • Nature - Gemma
          • A green perspective
          • Yoga & Breathwork - Hannah
            WEEK 3
            • Happy Mind with Gerry Hussey
            • Power of freedom of choice
            • Redfining sucess
            • The 4 Agreements
            • The power of gratitude
            • Guided Medidation - Week 3
            • Happy Mind Workbook
            • D&S Lifestyle
            • Sleep caffeine and alcohol
            • stress
            • purpose and passion
            • Food and your shape
            • The selfish reason we started the HP
            • Nature - Gemma
            • Power of plants
            • Yoga & Breathwork - Hannah
            WEEK 4
            "Creating your Why?"
            • Happy Mind with Gerry Hussey
            • Identifying your why
            • Create your future
            • Guideded visualastiona
            • Making lasting change
            • Waht is working
            • Guided med. week 4
            • Happy Mind Workbook
            • D&S Lifestyle
            • Digital Minimalism
            • Findingyour tribe
            • Food and your sexual health
            • Giving yourself permission to be happy
            • Tips for sleeping better
            • Nature - Gemma
            • The Blue Mind
            • Yoga & Breathwork - Hannah
            Meet Your Instructors
            Gerry Hussey
            performance psychologist
            Coined 'The Soul Coach'. He has been in the human health and performance field for almost 20 years.
            Gerry has been at the forefront of building high performance teams and individuals in Olympic and Professional, sport and corporate organisations.
            David & Stephen Flynn
            Founders of The Happy Pear
            Dave & Steve are plant-based chefs with over 20 million views on their recipes on YouTube. They are bestselling authors with restaurants, shops and a wide range of vegan products on sale across Ireland.
            Dr Gemma Newman
            registered GP
            Dr Gemma has a specialist interest in women's health and nutrition. She has worked in medicine for 15 years and is the Senior Partner at a family medical practice. During The Happy Mind Challenge she'll teach you the neuroscience & psychology behind the Nature Therapy — like fractals, forest bathing & more.
            Hannah Staunton
            therapeutic yoga COACH
            Hannah is a yoga teacher who has trained in styles of Hatha, Anusara and Yin Yoga. Her style of teaching draws from many influences and combines 17 years worth of practice. She's passionate about making yoga more inclusive & works with some well-known charities, such as Mind, to offer this within the community.
            See what our students have to say
            My favourite part was the cooking. I had eaten a lot of vegan food before but it was often quite unhealthy, so it was great to learn how to make healthy plant based recipes. I really liked a lot of the breakfast recipes as there were so many different varieties. I really liked the Q&A's as even though I didn't ask any questions, it was really useful to hear others' questions that I hadn't even thought of and the lads or Gerry's answers.
            So much to choose from, meditation, breathe work, yoga on top of all the other content. I really enjoyed it. I was always a bit afraid of going plant based, I was always afraid of thinking I would miss eggs or dairy but it was such a revelation for me to see I didn't. There were so much options and variety. Focusing on less screen time really resonated as well. I learned so much and hope to keep it up.
            Going wholefood plant based is the best thing that ever happened to me. For me it's a no brainer. I don't have the lows anymore, my emotions used to be up and down, now I feel far more calm. My sleep is so much better, my mood is so much better, I used to eat so much dairy and it shocks me the difference since giving it up...
            ... Everyone is in this together. When you are opening yourself up you need a safe environment and that is what the Happy Mind was.
            Learn on the go
            Access the challenge anytime, from anywhere and on any device!
            Apple and Android Mobile "The Happy Pear" App
            Desktop and Tablet Web Version
            Downloadable Materials to Print
            Is it ok to have alcohol on the challenge? I have a few social events coming up.
            We generally advise anyone going to the effort of doing this challenge to eliminate alcohol but it's not the be all and end all. If alcohol makes you eat more veg then the odd glass of Rioja is fine by us! Just be mindful of the foods you're craving the day after alcohol intake. Keep them whole-food and plant-based, and you'll be grand.
            How long will I have access for?
            You will have access to the challenge content for the duration of the challenge – 4 weeks + 2 weeks to revisit the materials.
            Is there a practical element to the challenge?
            There is a companion workbook which goes along with the challenge to help you answer questions and keep you on track.
            Is the challenge suitable for coeliacs?
            Gluten containing foods present on The Happy Mind Challenge can be replaced with gluten-free options or omitted completely.
            Do I need to follow along live?
            The challenge notes can be accessed at whatever time suits you and it is a self-led challenge, so you do not need to follow along live.
            When does the challenge start?
            The challenge starts on November 1st – World Vegan Day .However, the challenge could be self-led, once it begins, so you can access the challenge content at any point in time.

            This means that you can do it when it suits you. You also have an additional 2 weeks of access to your Challenge Content after it ends, so you have extra time to complete it.
            Learn how to feel at home within your own mind & body — and journey through every day with ease.
            Join The Happy Mind Challenge with Dave, Steve & Gerry
            to strengthen your mind & body through nutrition, movement & mindfulness.