Divine Christmas Dinner
Full Vegan Menu
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We've prepared festive vegan recipes featuring starters, Xmas dinner and of course sweets and desserts.
Get detailed video guidance, recipes and more.

Vegan Xmas without Bloats

What's inside:
7 Vegan Festive Recipes
Easy-to-cook vegan deliciousness from starters to festive dinner, including snacks and Christmas sweets.
Expert Guidance
Learn the hacks of experienced plan-based chefs cooking along detailed video recipes.
Holidays without the bloats
Enjoy bloat-free festive meals while NOT compromising your taste buds. (And make the meat eaters out there jealous.)
No extra costs: win win win
Budget-friendly recipes only! Any leftovers can be eaten during following days or frozen for later.
Yummy in your tummy
Enjoy plant based, delicious & nutritious meals- no deprivation required!
Indulge yourself with vegan wellington with delicious vegan gravy and vegan festive sweets.
All our meals are easy to make, not to mention budget + leftover friendly!
Created for you by
David and Stephen Flynn
Founders of The Happy Pear, Dave & Steve are plant-based chefs & bestselling authors with over 17 years of experience and over 40 million views on their recipes on YouTube. They deliver wholefood, plant-based nutrition to local communities through their restaurants, shops & a popular range of vegan products on sale across Ireland.
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