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Conquer your 2023 healthy goals with your accountability buddy
Steve and Dave are lucky. As identical twins, they've been accountability buddies since birth, but not everyone is as fortunate.

Having an accountability buddy is crucial for creating and maintaining healthy habits.

That's why with our special offer you can get 2 Happy Pear memberships for the price of one - one for you, one for a friend or a loved one!

And because we really want you to crush it next year, we lowered the price of our annual membership to €120 from 150!

With this offer you get €300 worth for just €120 and 1 year of membership for you and your friend.

This is offer is to really encourage you to get a friend to join you on this health journey.

What's included in The Happy Pear Membership?
With The Happy Pear Membership you have all the tools you need to make the most of 2023 and crush your goals.
As a Happy Pear Member, you gain access to ALL our courses, valuing over €1000! That's over 60 + hours of expert knowledge on healthy living at your fingertips.
Enjoy our delicious plant-based recipes created by professional chefs Steve & Dave Flynn. They are easy to make and delicious and suit all levels and experience.
The best part?
We add new recipes every week!
You'll save time and money and feel great in your body!
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Everything you need to become a healthier, happier version of yourself
When you become a Happy Pear member, you gain access to all tools you'll ever need to achieve your goals.
  • Over 60+ hours of health courses led by experts, doctors, nutritionists and more!
  • Support of like-minded community, invitation to daily live events and Q&A sessions
  • Access to all Happy Pear plant-based recipes
  • HIIT workouts, yoga and mindfulness classes and more!
Here's what our members have to say
  • Niamh
    So much to choose from, meditation, breathe work, yoga on top of all the other content. I really enjoyed it. I was always a bit afraid of going plant based, I was always afraid of thinking I would miss eggs or dairy but it was such a revelation for me to see I didn't. There were so much options and variety. Focusing on less screen time really resonated as well. I learned so much and hope to keep it up.
  • Mia
    Going wholefood plant based is the best thing that ever happened to me. For me it's a no brainer. I don't have the lows anymore, my emotions used to be up and down, now I feel far more calm. My sleep is so much better, my mood is so much better, I used to eat so much dairy and it shocks me the difference since giving it up.
  • Ruth
    I've slept better, felt better, had more energy. I didn't waste any food! I have prepared enough for myself and then frozen the leftovers to have enough for next day!
Become a member, gift a membership to a loved one
With our special offer, you and your friend can get all the tools to achieve your 2023 goals for just €120 €300.

That's over 60 hours of experts courses, countless plant-based recipes, workouts and mindfulness classes. You will also be the first one to access all our new courses and recipes we will add in 2023. For example, in January we are launching The Alcohol Free Challenge which will help you re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol and The Happy Shape Challenge 2.0, which will help you feel confident in your body.
You'll be able to join our daily live events such as yoga, meditation, live Q&A's with our experts to help support you. And you'll become a member of our like-minded online community.
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