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Take a break & re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol, build new habits, gain more energy and take control over your life!

Our 28 day Alcohol Free Challenge will help you debunk the myths and the social constructs that have been grilled into you since a young age. Save money and free yourself to gain more time, more energy, and feel your best self. The course is led by Steve & Dave Flynn who gave up alcohol for 2 weeks over 20 years ago and found that going alcohol free was the linch pin that positively transformed their lives. This is about taking a break and taking stock of the pros and cons.

Membership includes access to The Alcohol Free Challenge, as well as all Happy Pear Courses, Recipes and Content all for €149.99.

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Do you:

  • Think you are more fun when you drink alcohol?
  • Drink alcohol when you are stressed, nervous, or to help you sleep or relax?
  • For confidence, perhaps on a first date?

If yes, then our Alcohol Free Challenge might be for you.

Our intension is not to tell you to give up alcohol entirely, rather our aim is to debunk myths and get you to reflect on your and others relationship with alcohol. Through this course, we ask you to take a break, a mental check, spring clean and open your mind to new thoughts, habits, and ideas. Expect to have fun, feel alive, full of energy and happier inside and out!

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    What's Included In The Alcohol Free Challenge?
    Alcohol Free Challenge is available as part of The Happy Pear Membership. Our membership provides all the tools you need to start your journey to a happier, healthier you!
    • An In-Depth 4-Week Video Course
      To help you explore your relationship with alcohol & form new, healthy habits
    • Hundreds of plant-based recipes
      To help you feel amazing in your body & give you more energy
    • Thriving online community
      To support you & hold you accountable
    • Live Supportive Q&As
      To provide guidance you need on your new health journey
    • A yearly Happy Pear membership
      Yoga classes, workouts, breathwork, sleep - we have a whole lifestyle section for you to explore and enjoy too.
    • Access to all Happy Pear Courses
      Membership includes access to over 12 Course including the popular Gut Health Revolution and Happy Shape Challenge.
    When you join the The Alcohol Free Challenge, you will get a yearly access our membership platform. It's a digital space to learn, to be inspired, to meet like minded people, to discover delicious healthy recipes and to have fun on your health journey.
    The Alcohol Free Challenge includes 250+ delicious plant-based recipes to help you feel amazing in your body❤️
    Our recipes were created by professional chefs Steve & Dave Flynn. They are easy to make and delicious and suit all levels and experience.


    Stephen & David Flynn aka The Happy Pear are healthy living ambassadors with 20 years of experience in helping people live happy lives.They are plant-based chefs with over 40 million views on their recipes on YouTube.

    Steve & Dave have been alcohol-free for over 20 years.