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What's inside "Healthy Gut 101"
5 simple tips
to make small lifestyle tweaks that will help you relieve bloating & IBS, improve your digestion (and mood!)
17 delicious plant-powered recipes
for breakfast, lunch & dinner — they will only take 5-15 minutes to prepare. Any leftovers can be eaten during the week or frozen for later.
Yummy, without upsetting your tummy!
Healthy, fast, delicious, wallet- and leftover-friendly… what else is there?
From gluten-free granola to Tikka Masala, Ramen and Teriyaki Noodles… Indulge yourself all day long without upsetting your gut.
Created for you by
David and Stephen Flynn
Founders of The Happy Pear, Dave & Steve are plant-based chefs & bestselling authors with over 17 years of experience and over 40 million views on their recipes on YouTube. They deliver wholefood, plant-based nutrition to local communities through their restaurants, shops & a popular range of vegan products on sale across Ireland.
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